List of excuses (I didn't need to make these up)

  1. It's raining
  2. It's snowing
  3. My dog had heart surgery
  4. I tripped over my dog that had heart surgery and broke my rib
  5. I broke a water pipe
  6. His phone is broken
  7. I got the flu
  8. My wife's heart is fluttering
  9. I got behind on another job
  10. I have to go to Hawaii
  11. I have to go to Hawaii
  12. I have to go to Hawaii
  13. I have to go to Hawaii
  14. They brought the wrong truck
  15. My throttle cable broke
  16. The cement mixer broke
  17. I ran out of (fill in the blank)
  18. My helper's wife is acting up
  19. They forgot to order the window
  20. They shipped the wrong windows
  21. They broke the window in shipping
  22. They broke the door in shipping
  23. I didn't know the septic was too close to the foundation (move the foundation)
  24. It wasn't level because my level fell off of the back of the Hyster
  25. It wasn't level because my level was out of adjustment
  26. Prices went up
  27. It's back ordered
  28. It's discontinued
  29. You're in the same boat as everyone else
  30. They sent the wrong toilet
  31. The toilet is warped
  32. They sent the wrong concrete countertop
  33. It wasn't shown on the drawing
  34. The motors are backordered
  35. The steel is backordered
  36. It's too hot
  37. It's too cold