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Our home was John's last, he's now retired.

John contributed with some really good ideas:

1. Extend raised brick planter to the east of garage

2. Remove door from garage to laundry room and add a sink to garage instead

3. Extend wall between kitchen and laundry room to make room for refrigerator and put ovens where refrigerator was supposed to go

4. Make a nook for shelves instead of closet in family room

5. Make the three arches all the same height for nook and openings between FR and LR and LR and MBA

6. Add a west window to allow view of mountains from staircase

7. Raise ceiling in upstairs office nook to allow taller windows

8. Remove shower from powder room

9. Replace French doors in DR with a single glass door that opens and a fixed glass pane next to it

10. Use 3' roof overhangs all around the house